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Ken Moore May 14, 2021

1 Grow your own

Launch a garden allotment at your company grounds which will provide a place to grow and harvest seasonal produce, including fruit and vegetables which can be then eaten by staff. Any additional produce can be distributed to local food banks enabling the company to support their local community.

2 Go organic

We all know how difficult it can be to keep our grounds looking their best and often we rely on the use of chemicals, which can ultimately have negative environmental consequences. One solution that can make a big difference is to go organic and grow the grass in an entirely natural way, free from harmful pesticides and growth serums that would otherwise interfere with the environment.

3 Source Produce Locally

Identify local suppliers for the key food products so that they can be delivered over the shortest distances, rather than being hauled across the country or even the continent.
This approach is not only greener but also means that companies can guarantee a better quality of produce as well as doing their bit to support the local economy of the area in which they operate.

4 Enhance, restore, and reconnect natural habitats in urban environments

There are many options available for companies to trigger urban enhancement or renewal. Start with plantings around your ground that can be incorporated to attract pollinators and nectar-feeding insects, as well as adding shelters for birds and hedgehogs. Trees, hedging and shrub can also be planted to encourage biodiversity in a built-up environment. There are many benefits to partnering with local conservation groups, who can provide valuable knowledge on local biodiversity, propose suggestions, and take the lead in implementing conservation projects.

5 Increase the area under protection

Companies can play a huge role in increasing protected areas, either by promoting the extension of an existing protected area or by assisting with the establishment of new protected areas in their community.  The protection and management of a protected area for biodiversity can present opportunities to ensure a long-term connection between the company and the newly created protected area and associated positive publicity for the company.

6 Raise public awareness about biodiversity

Companies can provide a platform for raising local awareness about the importance of biodiversity and promote conversation around biodiversity and growing your own. Partnerships with a local action groups to highlight any biodiversity threats, and links with other sustainability issues such as heathy living, with the aim of generating local support and/or changing behaviour can have huge benefits for the community