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Ken Moore May 14, 2021

A great way people can minimize their environmental impact is by buying food that is locally grown from local farmer’s market or local grocers. It’s also possible to go a step further and grow our own nutritious food right in our own gardens. By growing our own food, even if just starting with a few small crops, we are reducing our carbon footprint while contributing to a healthier diet and a healthier planet. The other element of our theme that we’re going to explore is biodiversity. Biodiversity reflects the variety of living things in our community, it is vital for healthy ecosystems and healthy communities. Unfortunately, human activity is leading to an alarming, and increasing, rate of biodiversity loss across the world’s ecosystems and action is needed from all of us to help stop this loss.

Through its huge reach and ability to unite people, sport can be an important catalyst for raising awareness about the need for biodiversity and what we as organisations and individuals can do to support it.

Well managed biodiversity efforts can lead to timely and effective action to mitigate risks and enhance conservation. It can help companies increase their positive environmental impact and establish long-term positive relationships in their communities.

Over the next month we’ll give top tips on how to promote biodiversity and grow our own delicious vegetables, we’ll share stories on how companies in Ireland and further afield are working to help enhance biodiversity and promote healthy eating and we’ll encourage the wider community to join in our efforts.