Business plays a huge part in tackling climate change.

Show your organisation’s commitment to sustainability by signing up today.

Enware helps businesses in three key areas

Employee Education

Increase employee awareness &  knowledge across a range of sustainability topics.

Employee Engagement

Enhance employee engagement to help drive collective change & deliver on sustainability targets.

Carbon Offset

Help offset carbon emissions  by planting a tree for every module completed by users.


Enware is a platform to allow your team to commit to sustainability and to harness the benefits of having a proven, reportable sustainability programme running across your organisation.

We make it easy for organisations to engage their employees and fast track their sustainability journey, whilst also helping with carbon offsetting by planting trees on a monthly basis as part of all subscriptions.

Save Money

Reduce energy costs by up to 15% through behavioural change.

Engage Employees

Engage employees into practicing sustainable changes. 

Sustainability Culture

Build a culture of sustainability by involving everyone.

Track progress

Track progress through average carbon footprint scores, modules completed and actions taken.

Enhance Brand Image

Enhance brand image through achievement of Enware certification.

Attract & Retain Talent

Attract and retain more talent towards and within the organisation. 

Triple Bottom Line Approach

Businesses that focus on sustainability can benefit from a triple bottom line approach.

Sustainability has a positive impact on profitability, people, & the planet.